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Thread: Returning Faulty Firearm

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    Returning Faulty Firearm

    Hi All,

    I can't seem to see any info anywhere on this, so hopefully someone will have some info.

    I recently purchased a firearm brand new, and it has a couple of issues (nothing unsafe, just not ideal on something brand new) and I have arranged to take it back to be repaired/replaced.

    If I am returning it to the RFD I bought it from for it to be looked over, is there any form of police/licensing notification I need to make?



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    no - but do just make sure you get a receipt for it. If it is to be replaced with a new rifle it will however need a one for one variation. You should n't have any issue with such a variation, but I would get a letter from the RFD stating the problem and reason for changing to a new rifle just to ease the paperwork.

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    Great, that's what I thought, thanks!


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    I have been just told by an FEO that you need not notify or sign over on your FAC if the rifle is in for maintenance but it must be sent to a Registered Firearms Dealer for this to be legit. It cannot be an informal home shop gunsmith. This kind of makes sense.

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    Agreed - That applies for shotguns and FAC air rifles too!

    Otherwise you could just hand your rifle over to your mate Dave, citing his excellent amateur gunsmithing skills as a reason.

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    Perfect, it was the RFD I purchased it from that I was giving it back to, so no worries there!

    I suppose this varies wildly, but how long is a reasonable time to leave a return/repair before checking up on it?


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    I would check with the RFD and get a time estimate for the issue. He/She would be the best person to set you the best time limit
    Good luck hope all goes well

    Regards Steve

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    I thought that would probably be the best option, thanks Steve.


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    When the RFD/gunsmith signs it into his repair book don't forget to obtain a receipt just in case the worst should happen and they go out of business before the gun is returned. I know its a remote risk but its not unknown just think back to the problems when Litts closed suddenly. Unless you have a receipt the liquidators will assume that it is an asset of the RFD/gunsmith.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Also useful to get a receipt in case the police do a random inspection (which has been happening) - That way you can prove that you have the gun in for repair.

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