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Thread: A great days stalking with yorkshireroestalking!!!

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    A great days stalking with yorkshireroestalking!!!

    after paying for stalking in the past with what basically amounted to a walk around with a rifle!!, i got bored with just my own land and just found myself just taking my shotguns out all the last year i sold my .308/.270 and .22lr(never fired them for a year!!) when my ticket was up for renewal in June.after coming across this site early this year i thought what have i done? ile re apply for a .243 and .308 and see what happens!!! then i came across yorkshireroestalking and decided to give him a try,how pleased i did!!! i picked up a second hand ruger m77 with a tasco 4x40 scope on in .243,then moved the scope for my eye relief and bore sighted it with the naked eye!!! with just 5 days to go before my first stalk!! on Thursday i turned up on the evening and met john hes a great bloke!!(i thought straight away he looks like hes a professional stalker that A, knows his stuff and B, HAS DEER!!!) he took me to land to check my zero and after 3 shots,spot on!!! so off we went at this point i was thinking to myself, just to treat it like a walk around with the rifle!! we pulled up in his truck and off we went,within minutes i could see sign es of deer!!! john was pointing here there and every where.within about 300 yards of stalking john spotted a buck,he was on the move! we followed to a point john has a high seat.i got up and sat in.(at this point i was thinking how well it was built,perfect view,and very comfortable too! i could sit in here all night!!) but it wasn't to be, because the buck was in corn field john said we should close some distance on him,so off we went! he was feeding in a hedge occasionally popping his head up for a look around,so at 30mtrs i decided high neck shot,i fired and down he went!!! john said well shot!! in total from zeroing to shot i think it was 45 Min's! this was shot number 4 with my rifle (and my 4th shot in 2 years!! .243 the smallest cf Ive shot!! well chuffed?...YES!!!!)we put him in the truck and off we went!! now i was thinking to myself ile be bankrupt if this keeps up!!!! so if you want good stalking go to John at yorkshireroe!!! if you want to just walk around fields/woods join the national trust!!Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	1310and this was just day one!!!!!!

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    nice way to be welcomed back to stalking.
    well done

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    Congrats to you both. On my visits we had a spot more bother finding them but eventually did both times however the 4 pointers were definately hiding both times from me anyway so we had to settle for a 6 Pointer. That was the Middle of April and the time before was Febuary. Once we get the jeep through it's test it will time to think about the next stalk . Hopefully speak to you soon John.

    Oh who says you need a big scope?

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    Well done and welcome back!

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    this rates among a few of the sadest moments i hav heard in Field sports today
    what you hav been through , i'm sure many others will connect with and others are yet to experience
    but to find solace with a Proffessional stalker brings all that is good in our sport
    some one who charges but also promotes and delivers
    don't get any better than that, unless for free
    pleased for you , that you hav not yet lost faith
    long may it continue , as hopefully you will find there are more good fellows like John out there

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