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    Rl 19

    Hi there , any one with any surplus to requirement in the northwest upto Carlisle /Kielder area , thanks Arron

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    It must be a couple of years since if seen any for sell

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    Have you tried Malmo's? I am fairly sure I bought a tub there within the last year. Either that or it was McAvoys in Standish.



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    Aye , tried them both , I may switch over to another powder , shame as it was a cracking recipe ! Thanks again , Arron.

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    No problem. I think I can still get it local to me every now and again (Game and Country in Selkirk) but that's a long way from sunny Lancs!

    If I was still visiting the NW as much as I once did I'd offer to courier some down for you, but sadly I don't get south much at the moment. I only asked about Malmo/McAvoys as I picked up a tub at one of those for a mate when passing and brought it north.

    You've far more choice in gun shops in Lancs than I have up here (locally). What about Sephtons at Rufford? He did a fair bit of reloading stuff in the past but is often forgotten about.


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    That's right ,I couldn't think of the name at Rufford I will call them this morning , all the shops I have spoke to say it will most likely be many months before any comes over ! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction from not so sunny lancs !!!!

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    My 23 years in sunny Chorley are hard to forget/erase..........................!!

    Good luck and if you do locate some up here near me, and are not in a hurry, I'll ship it south on one of my trips.


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    Thank you very much , that's a kind offer ! I think I will try some vhit 160 or 4350 and see how that performs ,kind regards Arron

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