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Thread: Get together and friendly shoot Monmouth.

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    Get together and friendly shoot Monmouth.

    I am planning on arranging a get together for members of the forum in the form of a friendly practise/ zeroing session on a 100yd indoor range for some time towards the end of August or beginning of September.
    The location is in Monmouth on the borders of Monmouthshire, Herefordshire and Gloucestershire and only just off the A40 trunk road so should be convenient and easily accessible to quite a few members of the forum. If anyone wanted to make a week end of it there is plenty of accommodation locally including a very good camp site less than half a mile from the range.
    My intention is that a small charge will be made for range fees either a single fee of say 10 for the day or a re-entry practise session/test fee of 2.50 -3 and that all proceeds should go to the Help for Heroes fund.
    We may even put up a trophy or small prize for best scores perhaps in two or three different categories. The main purpose will be a friendly get together but it would be nice to put a something into a fund which many of us feel quite strongly about.

    The proposed course of fire is (all at 100yds)

    2 rounds from a simulated high seat.
    2 rounds prone.
    2 rounds sitting.
    2 rounds kneeling.
    2 rounds standing.

    Targets will be roe targets and possibly fox or other if .22 rifles are used.
    It will be a simulated stalkers test so shooting sticks (single or double) and bipods will be acceptable but tripods and trapezoid shooting frames will not. As always poor shooting will be readily accepted, in fact almost expected from some of us, but unsafe shooting will not. Serious competitive shooters and carpet baggers should look elsewhere as this is only intended to a friendly event with the emphasis on safety and fun.

    It would be most helpful if I could have some indication of those that are interested in this meet and if you are seriously intending to attend perhaps you could pm me. We only have four firing points at 100yds so it may be necessary to limit numbers should this prove too popular, but I am sure we should be able to sort something out.

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    Wish I lived close enough, not enough of these days around!
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    Im up for it, but why not tripods i use mine all the time for stalking or lamping foxes.

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    No tripods because, with due respect to the British Sporting Rifle Club from where I have lifted the course of fire, that is what the rules say. We must have some rules after all and the idea is to test the shooters skills and not his machine rest.

    Course of Fire:
    The Stalkers Test is essentially a test of competence for shooters who regularly stalk live deer.
    The Test comprises two shots from each of the five positions detailed above. There is no time
    limit for this test but it must be completed without undue delay. Unless there is an interruption to
    shooting, once the rifle has been raised to the shoulder it may not be removed until the shot has
    been fired. No more than two rounds may be loaded in each position and the Range Officer (RO)
    must check that all rifles are unloaded and the action open before permitting a change of
    position. All shooters in a detail must fire their two shots from each position before they all
    change position together. Shooting will be under the control of the RO who will ensure that, as
    far as practicable, the conditions are the same for all participants.

    No part of the structure of the firing point shelter may be used as a support in any of the five
    positions. No additional aids, such as a support for the rifle, may be used when shooting from the
    bench or simulated high seat. Slings may be used in all five positions and a stalkers stick
    (monopod or bipod), suitable for use in the field, may be used to steady the leading arm. If used,
    the same stick must be used throughout, although it may be adjusted between positions if this
    can be done without undue delay. A rifle-mounted bipod may be used instead of the stick,
    provided that the rifle gross weight limit is not exceeded and that it remains attached to the rifle
    throughout the complete course of fire. Personal effects typical of those that might be carried in
    the field, such as a small rucksack, may be used as a rest for the rifle in the prone position, or to
    support the body in the sitting and kneeling positions.

    I hope I haven't upset anyone by copying this direct from the internet- I certainly wouldn't want to infringe any copyright.
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    Move it 300 miles north and count me in

    sounds like it would be a day.

    ta frank

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    I live in North Wales but am originally from Monmouth and still have family there so for the right date I'd love to be there.

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    I'm only half an hour from the Severn Bridge, so I'd be keen to come along too.

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    Count me in

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    I already had Guy.

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    Hej 8x57, have a day at the running targets and show them how to win a prize.
    Have a good day down the range.

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