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Thread: Schultz & Larsen Victory - 6.5 x 47 Lapua

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    Schultz & Larsen Victory - 6.5 x 47 Lapua

    Does anyone have direct experience with these rifles in this calibre?

    I am interested in using it to 1000yds so it will be someone with one of the heavy profile barrels they manufacture.

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    I haven't had experience of a Shultz and Larsen in the calibre you mention. However I have shot a couple of them in 243 and 223. They are extremely well made and accurate from the box, no idea how they would perform over the distance you mention but they are certainly accurate. Also very good value for the money.

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    Good rifles. Accurate, good trigger and no plastic.

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    Not in this calibre but shot a few clients they need a little shooting in but all have shot well and are a nice classic smooth shooting rifle.

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    Have one of these in 6.5x55 and love it. However that said not shooting it to the range your looking at. I have shot and been accurate at 280m plus but no where near 1000yds (yet). Bolt on it is great and no plastic on it whatsoever. 3 round mag as standard and I have a Schultz and Larson mod and mounts
    the manufacturer of this rifle even recommends cleaning the barrel with NO solvent ever. The barrels are all cut rifled and lapped so apprently they will not foul up to the point where you need to remove fouling using any solvent. They recommend using VFG felts and this I do and to date I have had no probs. Can speak highly enough of this rifle
    regards Steve

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    Quote Originally Posted by Border View Post
    Good rifles. Accurate, good trigger and no plastic.
    Plastic is on it's way though !

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    The right "plastic" in right place is not a bad thing. The biggest problem is that very often the purchasing managers of companies have more say than the engineering department. I have seen many products die because of purchase manager decisions...metal or plastic.
    I think Schultz/Larsen have a very good product and they seem very passionate about what they do.

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