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Thread: TV programmes last night.

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    TV programmes last night.

    Did anyone watch the televised program on Channel 4 last night"What British Muslims really think" ?
    Honour all men, Love the Brotherhood, Fear God, Honour the Queen.

    Keep the Faith.

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    No I may watch the one .... "What do the natives of these islands think" ............... but of course that would never be made and if someone did make it never be aired! If I go to a Muslim country I am expected to abide by their laws and customs yet they can come here and do as they please and if we complain we are anti Muslim or racist. Now how does that work?

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    It works quite easily, our successive governments have made it so. Unfortunately (in many ways) we are a tolerant nation and allow freedom of choice to anyone who comes to live here. And to think some people on the forum are scared of Donald Trump, I know what frightens me for the future of my Great grand-kids.
    Honour all men, Love the Brotherhood, Fear God, Honour the Queen.

    Keep the Faith.

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    It is scary enough to think of 2 billion illiterate people from all over the world flooding into Europe, the UK and North America.

    What is even scarier is that native politicians, academics, and others welcome the prospect of degrading their cultures and civilization. How can they hate their own countries that much?

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    In the coarse of my work I was asked by a young Muslim person did I have a work permit to work in Britain I explained that I'm a native Britain and I can trace my family tree back many many generations ( being a Welshman I also speak my native tongue) so I said I think that qualifies me to work in Britain !!!

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