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Thread: Getting cleared after 30 days

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    Getting cleared after 30 days

    Hi, not sure if this is the right subject area but could someone tell me how I can get cleared for the the classifieds section please? I joined on 14/3/16 so am now past my 30 sat criteria and I have some things I would like to list.
    thanks TDP

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    I think you will find you need at lest 30 posts as well as been a member for 30 days to use the classified listing section.

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    Yup. Not just a case of time. You've got to be active on the forums too.

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    Yes, if you click on the "Forum" tab at the top of the screen (below the banner) and look down to the "Classified" section you will see:

    You need at least 30 posts and been registered for 30 days to create ads in this section.
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    Thanks chaps I noted his from another string after the post. Thing is I think it will take me ages to make 30 posts as I am not the sort of person to post responses and comments just for the sake of it (of which I have already commented on when enquiringly about an item for sale in the classifieds whereby at got everybodies (unwanted) opinion about the value of the item. I can see the reasoning behind this but feel it is bit too stringent. Anyway have to dream up some ol' ******** to post I guess

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    Quote Originally Posted by Topdogpippin View Post
    .... Anyway have to dream up some ol' ******** to post I guess
    Who said Pippin was top dog? To me, my cocker (Ruby) is top dog.

    Is there some national standard that your dog has been judged against?

    (There you go. Any response to that load of bollix - like go to hell, wtf, +1 or I disagree gets you one nearer 30?).
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