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Thread: Wet stone

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    Wet stone

    Hi Guys,
    Thinking of getting something along the lines of a Japanese wet stone....What should I be looking for ???????
    Cheers Steve.

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    I have got a double sided Japanese wet stone 1000 on one side and 3000 on the other. I am very impressed my knives are now scary sharp.

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    king 1000-6000 then look on fleabay for a imperia la roccia to finish this will be more than you require but will keep an edge as good as it can be, atb wayne

    Japanese whetstone water stone sharpening stone King KW-65 #1000/6000 sharpener | eBay

    ps you won't really need the finishing stone I use it for razors but i also finish my knives with th ILR
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    Thanks for the input guys......Have ordered the King KW-65.
    Cheers Steve.

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