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Thread: For the scudd: new moderator

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    For the scudd: new moderator

    Hi mate,

    Took a pic next to a box of .22 ammo, and the weight is 450 grams. Length would be aound 230mm and diameter 35mm. Pic quality not the best, taken with phone.

    This one is for .243, but we've done them in .223, .260, and .308 so far...will try to test on .270 sometime next week.

    No decibel test done, but compared it with most on the market and it pisses all over anything else I've tried. Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DM80 MK3.JPG 
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    Deako, whose manufacture is it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Deako View Post
    Hi Finn,

    Its a DM80 MK3 mate.
    Deako, what's it made of?

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    Quote Originally Posted by flytie View Post
    Deako, what's it made of?

    I'll answer this one John,

    It's made of aluminium with one piece innards... I've taken some pictures of mine stripped down.
    Attachment 1334
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    what kind of costs are you talking about.

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    I've got one....actually sitting around collecting dust & doing nothing as it's for a 223 bull barrel which i no longer have. I stripped mine down and took measurements in order to create CAD drawings. Did it as an exercise for a short CAD course i was teaching but also as the design lends itself well to modification.
    I had thought of converting to another calibre, but too much aggro in the end.

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    i use the pes on my 243 and its very heavy i would be keen to see the comparisons for sounds over weight

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    this looks the dogs boolicks!!! a mod thats not a barrel weight!!! and strip able too for cleaning!!!! very interested in this one,more details please!!!!

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    Oh, the PES is alot heavier.

    DM is a really good design - lighter than similar others, quiet, strippable and you can replace individual parts of they were to fail. Only downside i can think of is the waiting time for one....i think it's about 3 minths from order, but David will be able to confirm if you contact him direct:

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