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Thread: TB confirmed in Fallow Deer

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    TB confirmed in Fallow Deer


    Thought I would post two videos of deer I have shot that had TB, the first deer was inspected by a APHA ministry vet, samples taken and a positive test for TB was recorded. The second deer was shot a few weeks later on the same land, this deer was incinerated at local APB Depot.


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    I have received a PM asking me to identify the area that theses deer were shot, they were shot on the outskirts of Tintern in the Lower Wye Valley. Also it may be if intrest that the cattle on the farm failed there first Annual TB test a few weeks after the deer were shot, it may be hard to say what species was infected first, the one bovine that was confined and removed from the farm showed small visable lesions and also tested positive, after the 2 Mandatory TB tests the cattle are now all clear, and are continuing to have clear tests.

    I have not seen so many deer on the ground this year, but the ones taken all appear to be clean and healthy. Hope this helps


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