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Thread: pigs and foxes

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    pigs and foxes

    Hi we have recently had a big old boar coming to our camera trap and he seems too be keeping the others away but he has a fox that sometimes turns up and feeds with him very closely, we have not seen this before have anyone else come across this as the badgers stay well out the way if the pigs are near..
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    That must be a stunt


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    I have seen foxes and boar together regularly especially if you are feeding the boar, I don't think there is much that foxes won't eat, they are especially fond of peanuts if those are in with your boar feed!

    They also follow and look to go over the ground rooted up by the boar, trying to pick out any worms and grubs not hoovered up I guess.


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    Same as Thomas said, seen foxes, badgers and munties all at feed station with boar but they tend to keep a healthy distance!!

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