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Thread: BASC Cirencester stalking evening.

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    BASC Cirencester stalking evening.

    Interesting evening.Out of those that attended what did you think of the training and insurance thing seeing as a lot of us has BASC insurance.Surely they should tell their/our insurance company we will look else where if you insist on compulsory training.

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    What are the details of what was presented?

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    I was at the talk last night and found it very good, the guy from the FC really gave a good talk. In regard to the insurance question, I can see where he was coming from; though perhaps he was not as clear about it as he could have been.

    Unlike motor insurance or life insurance there are very few underwriters in the market that would offer shooting insurance to the level required for an organisation the size of BASC, 1,2 maybe 3 if you are lucky.

    If one or two of those companies wished to define a min level of qualification that was required to obtain insurance then what are you going to do? Currently the bar that needs to be met to obtain the insurance is fairly low in the UK, there is always a risk that they (the insurance underwriters) could decide that to cut the risk stalkers would require a level of qualification.

    I personally believe that will be only a matter of time, though whether it is because of pressures from insurance company, governmental pressures of what ever it will come.

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