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Thread: Lost FAC?

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    Lost FAC?

    I'm generally very impatient when it comes to Royal Mail, so I might be making something out of nothing.

    I sent my FAC in for a variation on Monday by First Class Signed For (I asked for recorded, but didn't realise until after that it no longer exists).

    It was posted early on and therefore should have been delivered Tuesday, Royal Mail say they haven't had delivery confirmation yet but sometimes postmen don't get it signed anyway (god knows what I paid extra for then...) but I've spoke to the licencing team yesterday who agree that it hasn't arrived.

    I haven't called FAO again today yet as I'll give it until after midday in case it is on it's way, but it isn't looking hopeful.

    This brings me to my question; when do I officially report it missing? - FAC says to report immediately, Royal Mail don't class it as missing until 15 days have passed. As I said I have been checking in with the FAO so they are at least aware that I am concerned, but I have not officially done anything yet.


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    I take mine to the local station then it goes in the internal mail, mine went missing in the FA's department once so it takes RM out of the loop.

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    Cheers, I might have to start doing that, to be honest I might just hand deliver next time - its only 30 min drive...


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    It's no big deal. I also had mine lost via Royal Mail signed for and have had the same excuses with other lost parcels - that sometimes post is delivered without a signature.

    I just told my licensing department that it had been lost and gave them the Royal mail reference number. They then issued the new FAC with no further problems.

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    Thanks Takbok, how long did you leave it before doing that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by EccentricJackal View Post
    Thanks Takbok, how long did you leave it before doing that?
    No worries. Got in touch with them via email 3 weeks after FAC posted.

    Then I sent a copy of a Royal mail letter that I'd received confirming that my letter had been lost - This was a month after first posting letter. Don't think that this was actually required.

    Submitted a royal mail claim here:

    Royal Mail Online Claim Form

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    Recorded delivery still exists ,sent letter only yesterday by Recorded.

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    Thanks again Takbok, I'll ring FAO later and see if I need to go through Royal Mail first.

    Swifturn, are you sure? - I was told at the post office that Royal Mail only has Signed For (pointless - just same as regular post since they only get is signed when they fancy it) and Special Delivery (which is 6 per letter...).

    I did ask for recorded, paid my money etc. but when I checked the receipt to track it, it was just Signed For - maybe same for you?


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    Recorded delivery still exists,i received a parcel last week, signed for it and yesterday sent a letter recorded.some one at post office being lazy.

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    Yeah it's sign for not recorded/tracked. On special delivery is tracked/recorded

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