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Thread: Ridgeline Bushmaster*jacket

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    Ridgeline Bushmaster*jacket

    Hi anyone got one of these I would like to know if it's breathable or does it sweat you. Any other information you have on this jacket please let me know good or bad.

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    hi i have no experience with this model but i had the monsoon smock, it was described as breathable. it was about as breathable as a bin liner
    i would not touch one of there jackets again

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    I also have jacket and trousers. You can ring the sweat out of my t shirt and undies if I use this outfit. I should sell them but can't inflict them on any body.

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    Ridgeline is terrible. It's a shame that the quality doesn't match the design as some of their gear is quite smart.

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    The "Combat "style jacket is superb ,but that got me to buy the Monsoon smock.Whada mistaka da make,the Monsoon is your sweat on the inside .Might as well wear a bin liner and tape the bottom to your waist
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    I bought a monsoon smock over the internet after seeing some reviews, but send it back as I have never seen or heard such noicy fabric. I like the design very much, but can't understand why you would make a noicy stalking jacket.

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    If it has ridgeline on it, it will in no way breathable, avoid at all cost, the same goes for country covers/fortis, don't believe a.word they say, avoid.

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    I have 2 Ridgeline Monsoon smocks, both are quiet, and both if worn with suitable underlayers are ideal for use in cold wet weather, I don't use them in warmer weather and I always use a fleece under them.
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