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Thread: Training New Pup - Gundog

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    Training New Pup - Gundog

    I'm picking up a new pup next week, she's a working cocker from pretty good working lines - far better than I actually need or was looking. I want to do her justice but dont have a great deal of experience. I have an 11 year old springer who is mainly a family pet who accompanies me on my shooting forays, he brings back most things I shoot and is a great dog, but, I'd like to do some more detailed work with the youngster.

    Could you reccomend any decent books/dvd's that would help get me started.

    Many Thanks


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    This website is great: Home - Totally Gundogs

    Plenty of useful articles.

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    The Cocker Man by Hedley Millington is worth a read, it took me a good while to get hold of a copy.

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    I'd strongly reccommend joining a decent local gundog training group or gettig some lessons of a local decent trainer. Well worth it in long run to be shown the easy ways.
    Davy lissets dvd is excellent, but sure plenty of other deent training dvd's out there too.
    or books by Joe irving, althou i sometimes found joes books to not be as well written as others, but nothing wrong with the content.

    If ur only wanting a decent shooting dog and no intention of FT i'd train it to walk to heel very early but that is not always the done thing with spaniel trainers. But having a dog that walks to heel on/off lead makes ur life a lot easier

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    For deer as well mate ??

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    Quote Originally Posted by weeman View Post
    For deer as well mate ??
    Possibly at some point. I wouldnt want to over face her to start with .

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    Well let me no and I'll drop some blood and hoofs off

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    Quote Originally Posted by weeman View Post
    Well let me no and I'll drop some blood and hoofs off
    thanks matey, much appreciated.

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    The pet gundog by les Graham, on Amazon.
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    Agree with everything that countrryboy says. Spaniels are not easy but a good one is great fun as is training them. Don't ruin it by thinking that reading a book is sufficient because it isn't. Lessons with a professional trainer or a club are well worth the money and effort IMO

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