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Thread: CZ 527 and Scope Height

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    CZ 527 and Scope Height

    I dont suppose anyone out there knows what height 30mm rings I'd need to mount my 56mm objective Meopta scope to my CZ527?
    If anyone knows it would save me a lot of time trawling gunshops with my rifle and scope trying to see what fits!


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    You'll definately need the high rings mate.....i'd also go for the CZ rings rather than Warne. The CZ have just that bit more height - you'll also probably need a cheek piece to re-align your eye to the scope.

    You'll be pushing it some with the 56mm objective as the rifle with it's mini-mauser short action was originally intended for scopes in the 40's. You really don't want to take a grinder to your bolt knob like Choc did!

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    Scots gun that was not nice and my job of removing excess metal from the bolt so it would run smoothly by the eye piece was expertly done The angle grinder dose work but you need to know what your are doing as the safty if very near to what gets removed. Scots gun is correct higher mounts and a smaller scope is what is asked for with these little guns.

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    Cheers chaps. My gut feeling was to go with high mounts. I've a 6x42 Swaro on it at the minute but just got a Meopta 3-12x56illuminated. I'm very excited and cant wait to get out with it but waiting for mounts to turn up will kill me. I might just get some ratchet clamps out, do you think they'll hold it steady?

    Ive also sent a message to a mate of mine in the US to see if he can get me the Weaver rail adapter from CZUSA. They wont ship outside the US
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    Choc now you know u made me cry when i heard what you did to that beautiful rifle. It's replacement isn't even half as nice.

    Surprised to hear that they won't post the rail mick. My mate ordered one without any fuss. Shall i ask him if he bought from CZUSA direct or another dealer?

    Why would you put a big variable on that little rifle? A 6x42 is perfect - great balance and ideal for the calibre your using.

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    Why would you put a big variable on that little rifle? A 6x42 is perfect - great balance and ideal for the calibre your using.[/QUOTE]

    I mainly use it for shooting crows and I'm struggling to hit them at 200yds so it's easy to blame the lack of mag instead of my crap shooting. It does look good with the Swaro on it though. If I get the Weaver adapter I can take it off and mount it on my 7-08 Abolt aswell...or that's the plan in theory, whether it works that way is another matter!

    p.s. if you donyt mind asking your mate that'd be grand. I 'm sure it says on the site that they wont ship outside the US.
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    just off the phone with my mate. He did indeed buy direct from CZ USA but he got it delivered to a forwarding agent in the US. It would seem they are common and for a small handling fee will then post anything they receive for you, on to your UK address.

    He also stated that it's cheaper to order stuff from the big stores like Cabelas, get it delivered to agents and then forwarded on than it is to get it delivered direct. Now that i will be investigating further.

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    Although I cannot see the point of adding another level of tolerances to a mountign system this is what your after I believe:-

    They do international as it say they ship all International orders from their Floida warehouse.

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    Thanks again. I've emailed CZUSA to see if they will send via a 3rd party and am waiting for a reply.

    Brit, I've seen those Kalinka optics rails but have read varying reports on them. The CZ ones are steel but the Kalinka ones are alluminium. Do you think this would really make a difference on a .223?


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    You could look at they make very good mounts all be it in alloy, and are a British company. Their products are readily available almost everywhere in the U.K. I have had a set of their mounts on my CZ for about 10 years now and see no reason to change them, because they do the job and haven't caused any problems at all.
    I have also used a set of their mounts on a 8x57 express rifle with a large heavy Meopta scope as a stop gap (last 2 years) until I could get the correct swing off mounts for that rifle. Once again no problems whatsoever.
    The make may be unfashionable and regarded by many as airgun mounts only, but I would have no concerns for using them to mount on centrefire rifles providing the correct mount is selected.

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