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Thread: 1st buck of the season

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    1st buck of the season

    Morning all,

    Out for the 1st morning on the roe bucks this morning. Having seen 5+ bucks when we're were out squirrel shooting on Tuesday I'd put up my portable high seat facing a small mature conifer plantation.

    After an hour or so in the seat a buck appeared to my left. Initially I thought he was just being cautious as he stepped out in to the field but his behaviour didn't change. As he turned broadside his left eye looked strange, almost as though he'd lost it and had closed over. He was still acting strangely, shaking his head and walking stiffly. Although he was a 6 pointer I decided that he was a good one to cull. He'd dropped nicely to the shot and one getting to him I'm glad I did decide to take him.

    It looks like an puncture wound below and just forward of the eye has ended with a significant infection and abscess . He was dirty behind and had lost a bit of condition but all looked ok with gralloch. Glad he's not suffering any more.

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    Well done ,good plan worked and he,s not suffering anymore
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    Nice work. Must have been uncomfortable poor thing.

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    Good deer management. Shame as he looked as if he had promise. I shouldn't worry about the dirty behind. That is most likely down to the fresh new growth of vegetation unsettling his stomach and has nothing to do with illness as such. Many deer suffer the same thing at this time of year.

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    Thanks all

    @baguio - thanks, I hadn't thought about fresh growth. I did wonder about ivy but given the wound I'd assumed it was linked.

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    That must have been distressing for the buck, so well done for culling him.

    Would be interested when you prepare the head as to whether you find anything under the skin, inside the eye, or around the skull to indicate what caused the damage.
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    well done a good one take. did him a favour

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    This is what deer management is about .

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