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Thread: What happened to the clothing makers?

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    What happened to the clothing makers?

    Did all the short house people suddenly get to go around trouser less?, I remember having options of inside leg measurements, why only 30+ now?, how the heck do you alter stuff that have zip openings in the legs,
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    That is progress for you.................... welcome to the modern world where they would have you believe that your spoilt for choice.

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    Try having 36 inch inside leg and size twelve feet being offered 33 inch leg and 11 shoes its like people think your joking or don't understand how numbers work! Bloody cloths arghhh

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    we have a great Taylor here, not cheap but very good,

    i have used used him to fix my breeks,a favoured coat and a kilt, and a full length zip on my sleeping bag.

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    Me shortarse legs too a -- waist but only 28 and arf inside leg always have to have trousers shorted .Tis a pain and round here you could buy another pair of trousers for what they want to resize them
    she buys shoes i buy ,shooting,she stops buying shoes,il be amazed

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    Whether it's eggs, carrots, clothes or human beings, you are rejected if you are the wrong shape or size. If a coat fits on my body, it's too long on the arm. Same with trousers. So short of going to the nearest dungeon and having a spell on the rack, nothing fits!

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