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Thread: RPA .223 setup

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    RPA .223 setup

    Hi all not sure how to go about this but I know where their is a RPA .223 full setup for sale at 950. I seen it today and it is a absolutely beautiful rifle with custom paint on stock and silencer and what looks like a fill jewelled heavy stainless barrel and scope. If anyone is interested pm me for the chaps details. I'm not gaining any sort of commission for this just after seeing it I realise that it's a great setup for someone at what I think is an excellent price.

    Kind regards

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    You might want to amend the add states FREE!
    Could you not just put a link or the guys email up?

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    He doesn't use the Internet buddy he's a old chap I know. I didn't want to put it's for sale ad because I'm not the one selling it and didn't want to break any of the forum rules.

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    Is it a British racing green paint job, by any chance? If so, that sold last weekend. It was on Gunstar for 750, making your post a trade sale, one would assume....

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    No mate like a dark royal blue

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    Selling for a friend or a third party is not allowed on the site.
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    I'm not selling it and am not gaining anything from the sale of this rifle. Just thought it was an excellent deal that someone may benifit from that's all.

    Like I said I'm not making a penny from this in fact the chap that is selling doesn't have any idea that I've posted this advert. I understand if you want to close this thread but my intentions are not to make any sort of commission


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