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    Gazza's Head


    I met Gazza from this site last week and volunteered to do a roe head with him.
    The results are below which show the full head, it been skinned, the line through the ears for sawing, the bleached head and finally it mounted.
    I am no expert but am quite proud of some of my results and although this is not the best example i hope Gazza will be happy.
    Firstly i would say buy a good saw, dont know what we did but mine broke half way through which put everything ass ways....
    Once you collect it mate we can talk about doing another, promise better results ha ha. got the saw issue sorted...

    enjoy f.

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    amazing work cbs!! i like it!! looks a pro job

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    ta for the up.

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    Nice mount. What length saw blade are you using. I have loads of 22"

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo123p View Post
    Nice mount. What length saw blade are you using. I have loads of 22"
    Cheers Jim,

    it was a hacksaw i had for work which i don't use no more,
    the actual frame broke. i binned it.
    got a new one.

    appreciate the offer.
    promise to come and see you soon for that spray.


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    Frank, Excellent job even with the dodgy saw. Looks better than I had expected. Will be over Monday night to collect. Appreciated

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    The man himself, mind i will be butchering the buck, , look forward to it mate.


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