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Thread: JDR reloading... thanks

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    JDR reloading... thanks

    Just a quick note to say thanks to Jon at JDR for actually doing what he said he would do (unlike a lot of RfD's who can't be bothered with customer service) ordering me in some bullets which most places I contacted hadn't got, couldn't get or more likely couldn't be bothered to get. Well, he got them and he got the trade, good man, I'll be back for other bits now I know where you are.
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    I've always had first class service from Jon too.

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    I have not bought anything from John (yet) but he took the time to explain to me in depth a few things when I came close to buying a few things off him. I decided against it as I want to buy the best I can afford and at that time what I could afford would not be what I needed/wanted to buy, if that makes sense. Top bloke!
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    I've had great service from JDR.

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    Same too good deal on my Lee hand press and Lapua .223 cases all safely delivered as promised.


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    Can only confirm Jon's Customer Service - returned my telephone call, had a chatter, clarified matters and provided the information & items I needed.

    I know where to go next time looking.


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