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Thread: Flu saved the life of a roe buck!

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    Flu saved the life of a roe buck!

    I guess we are all guilty of this, man flu i'm talking about, you know, it's just a cold but we self diagnose as it being the flu.
    Well, i can honestly say i have never had the flu in all my 55 years, until 2 weeks ago, still getting over it now, and it will take time.

    But i had only had it for about 5 days, feeling absolutely crap, my friend rang me, 'i am in Devon, got my new gun, itching to get my first deer, can we meet on my permission?' the last thing i wanted to do was go stalking, but i didn't want to disappoint him.
    I had never been on the farm, but i was not keen on being out, so instead of a stalk i took off at a normal walking pace, i was however keen to get it over and done with!
    We had only walked 100 yards and i raised my bino's at what i initially thought was a hen pheasant, (damn i was ill!) but we had walked into a roe buck, ass facing us, it didn't turn, but trotted off, normally it would have resulted in a grassed deer.
    I did feel a little guilty, so i dragged myself around the farm, and on the way back, bumped the same roe buck!

    Word must have got around, a farmer rang me last night, worried about me!
    What a caring farmer, then the last words were, 'by the way, i have 12 reds in my field tonight, can you come out next week?'

    The flu, i wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy, well no, perhaps i would



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    Just on my 8th day and slowly getting better.Was wiped 9ut for 5 days on the settee.
    Had flu about 7/10 years ago and you forget how hard 8t hits you.

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    Maybe this is a time to remember that just under 100 years ago the Spanish Flu wiped out many thousands of people in Europe. Flu used to be a killer and though we might feel like death warmed up when we get it it is mild to the strains of the past.

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    Sorry to hear you are feeling so ill. Take it easy and give it time to work its wicked way so that you can get better. The more you rest the quicker you will recover, then give it another twenty four hours (I bet you don't )



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    Toddle along to the Docs and get a flu jab. Repeat yearly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pedro View Post
    Toddle along to the Docs and get a flu jab. Repeat yearly.
    Genuine question: would you really recommend this as effective?

    Never tried it, largely because "I don't get ill" (HA!) and at 69 I am concerned that side effects from the jab would be worse than the flu anyway.

    Or am I really just as stupid as that sounds?

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    It certainly did not work for me. I still got the full symptoms after the jab. In the end I had a word with my (old-school) doctor who agreed that it was a waste for me to have it again under the circumstances so stopped sending me the annual letter.

    I'm four years behind you, O-Y, and think along the same lines, so you are not stupid by any means (or we both are)

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