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Thread: Fallow Buck

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    Fallow Buck

    Morning all ,

    On my way home the other day from a night out lamping I bumped into a fallow Buck on the road , he didn't look too good and I noticed his front right leg was flopping around like it was broken. I sat watching him for about 20 mins as he was trying to find away over hedge but there is a big drop the other side hedge and would more than likely end up going over like a sack of s***.
    So I got out the truck in the rain and was walking him up the road to try get him in the hedge on the right as there is slot of runs where they come through. After about ten mins I got him through a run and he hobbled off.

    I spoke to a friend and he said I should of got my .243 out truck and dispatched him as his leg was a right mess. Would this been the thing to do ?
    It's a back road in middle of no where and about 1/2 mile from farm I shoot .
    I will try and find him when home next as can't see him going far .



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    Tricky one, yes he needs dispatching, that leg is t pretty, but I'd have called it into the police first. Discharging a firearm on the public highway without permission could find you in a very sticky situation, however close to your permission. Do you know the surrounding land owners? Maybe worth having a chat, showing them the video and asking if you can find him, who knows you may get some more stalking out of it??
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    Yeah do know them but they live up north and come and stay now and again. The husband dose abit of shooting as seen him out and they also got a local Ish bloke that dose abit of stalking there , but can't remember last time I seen him .
    Maybe I will contact owners and see if I can have a look and try get him. Poor bugger didn't look too happy.

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    You were right not to do anything as you may have landed yourself in hot water. The procedure following a report of an injured deer even if by a recognised HAD approved person is that the police should report to the secene. They will also give an incident number. Then the deer can be dealt with safely if necessary the police keeping anyone else at a safe distance. If you do know the land owners it will be worth mentioning what you have seen so that the deer can be "helped" as soon as possible.

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    Going to contact them on Friday when back home and will let you know the out come.


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    To be honest what would I have done. If there was a safe shot to be taken I'd have shot it. If no safe shot I'd have moved myself or the deer until I got a safe shot then shot it. I would then have phoned the police and told them what I had done giving all details. At the end of the day this deer was obviously in pain and suffering and as person there and then with both ability and capability to safely and humainly dispatch the deer then that should have been done.

    Instead it can wonder around suffering for god knows how long.
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    Fair point ILB.

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    Damadamma .243 obviously hasn't done his dsc1 or has a grasp of what you are legally allowed to do if faced with an animal that is injured and in distress- you are allowed to use what ever means necessary to put an injured animal out of its misery, that includes shooting with rifle, shotgun ,clubbing to death -As long as it was safe you could of shot it and it would have been deemed a responsible thing to do all the more looking at your video. I don't think you even need to notify police, but as it is on council property I think you have to notify them for disposal
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    Sorry to say but i have my DSC1, DSC2 , Deer Managers Qualification and am a trained HAD. So i think i know what I'm talking about.

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    And where does it say in your Level 1 that you may discharge a firearm on a public road without due authority from the police?

    Dama has it right, it is an offence to discharge a firearm on a public highway. As much as it may seem right as stalkers to want to put the animal out of its misery, you would be committing an offence. Hopefully the beast will turn up on your ground nearby and you will put it out of its misery. Otherwise I would approach the local farmer/landowner who's land you saw it near and see if you can get permission to seek the buck out and put it down.

    I know we all would like to see immediate action taken to dispatch it and put it out of pain, but be careful lads, anyone breaking the law with a firearm and they will have good cause to take your ticket off you.
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