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Thread: slow cooker recipes wanted

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    slow cooker recipes wanted

    slow cooker recipes for venison what to do,casserole/stew how do you use them whats your method???

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    Just put one in general discussion. I`ll put another up if you want one.
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    Chillie Roe, done in slow cooker, couple posts down.
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    best thing bout slow cookers is that you dont have to have some hand written or book reciepe.....they are forgiving as hell

    i just throw whatever comes to hand or fancy out of the condiment /sauce/herb cupboard !!!!

    usually a wee glass of red wine in there or balsamic vinegar

    but i must admit only kinda rule i would go with is to throw some flour into a freezer bag with some salt n pepper then take yer diced cuts and put em in lightly coat them in the flour then sear in a pan untill just changing colour before you put em into slow cooker

    i find a big difference doing that compared to just throwing into the slow cooker raw.

    ive even throwin in half a bottle of HP Brown sauce in the past with glass o red wine and that worked well......guiness is another favourite

    if yer gracvy is too watery when cooked just some cornflour or even bisto thicken

    just throw it in and experiment ...thats half the fun

    slow cookers are ace

    paul / sauer

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    If you can be bothered cook of some veg and a small amount of meat the day before in the slow cooker, blend this with a hand blender, throw what ever you like in and cook for the rest of the day. There will be no need to add flour or other thickeners. When you get home it will be yummy!

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    try this one ,. bone and roll a leg or shoulder,brown in a frying pan then place in slow cooker .fry onion place in SC .then add sliced carrot leek turnip parsnip ,basically any root veg you have plus 2 med potatoes.add 1/2 bottle of red ,cover with stock ,chicken veg or cubes ok .tyme black pepper salt . cook all day.remove meat ,blend strain and thicken stock,serve with boiled spuds green veg ,easy .

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