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Thread: Last week for the Leica/Pulsar/Swaro group buy..

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    Leica/Pulsar/Swaro group buy..

    We have a group buy price for all items below from an EU dealer who already sells via eBay in the UK
    The Euro is sitting at E1.295 which is good for us

    It will change - please check here:
    XE - The World's Trusted Currency Authority

    Just input the Euro price to get up to date sterling cost

    Prices are shipped to your door (Mainland UK) payable in Sterling calculated on the day of payment
    International group order shipping by DPD insured to UK
    Next day UK shipping RMSD insured up to 2500
    Shipping takes around 7 days from payment to receipt of goods to your door

    All items covered by full global manufacturers warranty that you would get from any other source
    You will get a full receipt from the dealer

    New stock and prices added (18/05)

    Was going to wind it up but there has been new stock a flurry of activity and the FX rate makes it too good

    If you want in please let me know.

    ************************************************** ****************
    RF Binos
    8x42 HD-R €1780 -
    8x42 HD-B €1980 -

    8x56 HD-R €1950 -
    8x56 HD-B €2230 -

    10x42 HD-R €1750 -
    10x42 HD-B €2032 -

    Non RF Binos
    7x42 Ultravid HD €1375 -

    ER i 2,5-10x42 , L-4a with rail €995
    ER i 2,5-10x42 , L-4A with rail + BDC - €1115

    Magnus 2.4-16x56 BDC turret (rings) €2050

    ************************************************** *********
    RF Binos
    EL Range 8x42 WB - €2150
    EL Range 10x42 WB - €2250

    Non RF Binos
    CL 8x30 €790

    ************************************************** ***************

    XD19S - €1749 - discontinued
    XD38S - €2520 - discontinued
    XD50S - €2850 - discontinued

    XQ19s - €TBC
    XQ38s - €2675
    XQ50s - €3050
    stock expected w/c 23rd

    Thermal imaging rifle scope, Optics night vision detection | PULSAR

    Dedicated Rifle Sights
    Pulsar Apex XD50S 3625

    Thermal Imaging Sights | PULSAR

    ************************************************** ***************

    Victory V8 2.8–2056 ASV (Rings) - €2100
    Victory V8 2.8–2056 ASV (Rail) - €2180

    Victory V8 1.8-14x50 ASV (Rings) - €2200
    Victory V8 1.8-14x50 ASV (Rail) - €2300

    Victory V8 4.5-30x60 ASV E&W - (Rings) - €2250
    Victory V8 4.5-30x60 ASV E&W - (Rail) - €2350

    RF Binos
    8 x 45 T* RF - 2180
    10 x 45 T* RF - 2230

    ************************************************** ***********************
    There are more items, please ask for a price, they seem quite willing to ship any items
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    Just found out the XD38s has now been discontinued
    there is a new model coming out in June

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    Hi Edd is this group buy still going ahead? Whens the latest you need to know by?
    ''If you have to shoot...shoot...don't talk''

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    it may run a little longer as the Euro took a little dip lately which is good for us

    so long as there are 3+ items in any one box the dealer doesn't mind

    Let me know

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    Quote Originally Posted by bewsher500 View Post
    Just found out the XD38s has now been discontinued
    there is a new model coming out in June

    Any more information on this change of model at all Bewsher

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    Xd is becoming XQ
    increased pixel pitch and longer range

    Quantum XQ38 Thermal Scope | PULSAR

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    another order going out as the euro has taken a dip and is now 1:E1.28 and climbing!

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    Am doing another run. FX rate is too good not to

    GBP:Euro is at a one month high at E1.29 this morning

    if anyone wants something be quick as I suspect it will dip again!

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    3 items ordered this week, will be sending cash Thursday/Friday for delivery Wed/Thursday

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