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Thread: Harkila pro hunter x

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    Harkila pro hunter x

    Hi everyone

    was wondering what the difference in the pro hunter and the pro hunter X is

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    Apart from the price haha!
    Is there any difference in the making of it?

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    Suggest you take a look at the Harkila website, should also check out the Turek and Misto products.

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    The X has one less back pocket, zipped ventilation slits on the sides, Velcro adjusters on the back of the knees and I would actually say is more comfortable to wear over the older model, maybe even slightly lighter too. Only time will tell if they last as long though.

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    The Pro Hunter X trousers are a lot more comfortable for me and the articulated knees are a welcome addition. The Jacket changes are not quite so noticeable.

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    I totally agree that the X trousers are far more comfortable than the original model.

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