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Thread: england world cup song

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    england world cup song

    I am up for a bit of fun and all that, but f**k me would I be cringing with that song. Very representative of down town NY. I couldn't understand a thing for the first half. By the time the penalties will be all over.

    Phew, what would Scotland come up with..........Whenever we get through we may have some Bollywood entertainers for us.

    Not racist, but tin hat firmly donned

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    you grumpy old git iam into football so much i wouldnt even know if scotland were in the world cup or not i do think james corden is a top fella. dont worry it will soon come round when we head up north to come and cheer you up with a few chuckles

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    Hey Andy,

    tell ya what. When I meet up with you next, you need to sing the lot for me

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    i think i could do that if i had has many tins of stella fester had the night we turned him into a cwd

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    go on then, where does Wadas fit in all this............other than drinkin tea and eatin caaaaaake

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    i think he was the one in the background waving a flag with yorkshire tea on it

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    i agree
    not my song choice for our national team and fans
    but hey
    Simon Cowell had a hand in this, so what do you expect....

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    Oh god not bloody football in here as well football .

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    Football? whats that all about then? world cup of what? sounds like pish to me.


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    Quote Originally Posted by skippy1001 View Post
    Football? whats that all about then? world cup of what? sounds like pish to me.

    I believe it's a spectacle where overpaid people of dubious orientation chase a bag of wind around an arena falling over dramitcally if another "player" gets too close.

    The said arenas would make a nice park or housing development of course or even better an shooting facility .

    It's seen as a politically correct spectacle which is why it's thrust down the throats of anyone who watches the TV. Also the rear half of a lot of "news papers" and I use that term lightly are taken up wiht it and of course they have to mention the latest hair style or tatoo that the so called "stars" are sporting funny that as Football is not even a sport but a gme or pastime which is why the equipement was made by game companies. Shooting is a sport as is fishing and Horse racing " The Sport of Kings" footie is a game like Billards . This site is dedicated to a sport not a game and let's face if the over paid prima doners that are enjoying an all expenses paid jaunt to Africa did by a miricle wil this cup what real difference would it make to you or I? The only one I can think f is that instead of the fuss and hoolha dieing out in a few weeks it would bloddy well carry on for months or more . Hmm perhaps a prayer is n order for them to be out of it quick time I can still recall the fuss about it in 66 and even as a kid thought it was stupid.

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