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Thread: Fallow tumour?

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    Fallow tumour?

    Found this lump in the chest cavity of a fallow, just next to heart. Any ideas would be hugely appreciated!
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    Morena on this site will probably have the answer. However for the time being I would not eat any of the deer, it might be a cancerous growth?
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    Quote Originally Posted by sikamalc View Post
    Morena on this site will probably have the answer. However for the time being I would not eat any of the deer, it might be a cancerous growth?
    Wow �� this must have really stumped people .i have never seen anything like that before was it fatty or jelly like ?

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    The cross section certainly looks like a tumour. The area described sounds like a mediastinal tumour. Was the mediastinal lymph node identifiable or could this have been it? Were all other lymph sites normal?
    If so, it is probably just a tumour, and whether benign or not, it is not a hazard to human health. It's certainly not a pleasant find though! Hopefully one of the vets will be along soon with an opinion.
    Thanks for posting though - very educational.

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    It looks like a tumour. It should be safe to eat if it is isolated and the rest of the carcass is normal. I'd be scrupuless in checking all the other lymph nodes. I've tried looking for the old guidance on meat insepction and failed, I'm sure one isolated tumour was accepted as OK.

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    Thank you everyone for thoughts. Other lymph nodes looked fine. There where little weird blemishes in the skirt and in the rib cage. At a glance some could be mistaken for little lumps of fat stuck to inside of rib cage but on closer inspection they were hard and actually attached.
    Thanks again

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    Posted an item on this topic some months ago - fist sized growth in a Roe near the tenderloin, lymph nodes fine, never come across it's likes before so I buried the carcass on the spot. Asked around other stalkers & it seemed likely to have been a cyst or abscess.

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