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Thread: All these donor actions!

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    All these donor actions!

    Hi guys,
    I am going to be choosing what action to use for a donor!
    I am quite inexperienced in using the different actions but will be using it as a general purpose stalking rifle with a heavy bias on woodland stalking! The options I have are: Tikka 595, Tikka T3, sako 591, I would probably put a border-Sasson barrel in 308 on it!
    I would be grateful for any advice!
    Brave Echo Niner

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    Personally I would have either a tikka 595 or 590
    very good actions with good build quality

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    Or throw a sako 75 into the mix Tikka T3 is not a bad route either , the Sako being my favourite depends what's available really.
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    i don't know much about building rifles, and i have a 75 which is a lovely action, much better than the 595 it replaced. but surely you must think about a mauser 98 action.

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    Got to be Tikka 590/595, do you intend to buy a complete rifle and rebarrel it yourself or is your chosen smith offering the above choices?


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    One thing to consider is the availability of stock options and delivery times, 595/ 590 will probably be order only, t3 you / sako 75/85 you will probably find one on the shelf . Rem 700 they are everywhere !


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    Yup old sako action is fantastic


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    If I was going to build a 308, I'd use a 308 sized action. That rules out the T3.

    I'd go Sako 75 or Tikka 595, though I wonder at the point in building a 308 for stalking given the availability of perfectly good factory rifles. If you need a specific non standard rifle, fine, but otherwise...?

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