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Thread: Cheapest place in EU to buy Equipment?

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    Cheapest place in EU to buy Equipment?

    I travel a fair bit with work mainly France, Germany, Italy and also Swiss ( guess that may be difficult being ex EU). So could literally drive anything I buy back to the UK. Is it worth it in terms of savings? What about after market service etc?


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    Decathlon stores in France do a good range of shooting/stalking equipment at very reasonable prices and have a couple of big stores in the Uk and on t,internet worth a look see IMHO atb
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    The best place to start is with those companies that support this forum. Doubtful they do not sell everything you need for stalking between them and all my dealings so far have been excellent.

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    Yes, you can make savings - especially when the to euro rate is favourable - but you need to know what you would pay elsewhere to make a valid comparison.

    You can also source products that may not be stocked in the UK, or could be in short supply (probably almost any expanding bullet on the market). Have a look at some of the big continental suppliers such as Frankonia Jagd and you'll get an idea of what's available so you can do your homework.

    It is also possible to purchase firearms if you have a vacant slot on your FAC (no other import documentation required) and expanding bullets are often not especially controlled items and can be freely purchased, you just need the authority to possess and for quantity (FAC) when you hit the UK.

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    Just don't come on here moaning when you need a local supplier and there are none left to sell you ammo

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    I buy stuff from the USA, New zealand and Europe and even from the UK. Often my local gunshop has what i want at the right price. Its the computer world we live in.
    I just bought a prize for an upcoming shooting comp. It was made in sweden, bought cheaper in Norway and post and package free. Whats not to like
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    Quote Originally Posted by slider View Post
    Just don't come on here moaning when you need a local supplier and there are none left to sell you ammo
    I have a local "supplier" and its one of the big ones. The problem is that they can supply bugger all.
    Every time you go in there they don't have what you want and even worse they can't be bothered to get what you want. Then they wonder why so many local shooters avoid the shop.
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    Support your local independent gun shop. Or they will soon all vanish. The stuff might be a bit more expensive, but it's there, you don't have to travel (too far), if it's faulty there's somewhere to take it back to and quite possibly it's a part of your local shooting community.

    As slider says, where else are you going to get your ammo and other consumables from? Mail order? Okay sometimes, but that last minute invite to fill a slot on a game shoot on Saturday and you need a slab of cartridges...

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    Strewth Pedro where's this last minute Saturday shoot invitation coming from that you need 500 cartridges. You ain't knocking around with Lord Ripon are you, or have I finally found someone that's got an even worst cartridge to kill ratio than myself with a shotgun?

    P.S. I'm in total agreement with the sentiment that you and Slider expressed about supporting your local shop and I've tried my hardest to do so but to no avail. It's as if they simply don't care if they make a sale or not. I suppose that's the problem when you just have staff in the shop and not the owner.
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    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    JVS Outdoor in The Netherlands offers some of the best prices, if you buy online you are likely to get your goods quicker than if you buy online in the UK, and their after-sales service is also excellent.
    Language is no issue: All Dutch people speak English. (Often better than the English do
    Great savings on high-value items such as thermals, NV, scopes and range-finders.

    Generally speaking, logic dictates that goods manufactured in the Euro zone and purchased from a Euro zone online shop will be the most competitively priced.
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