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Thread: House move with FAC

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    House move with FAC


    I wondered if anyone on here had any experience moving house with your FAC? My concern is that I've moved over 400 miles from my old house and am now starting again regarding land on which to shoot. I have land down here for the .22 but I am worried that unless I get some land soon for foxing my .243 will be taken off my license (it was originally granted for vermin and Roe deer).

    If anyone has any advice it would be greatly received.....I mean constructive advice and not just "get knocking on doors" as that's obvious. I'm hoping I'm given a period of grace in which to obtain land.

    Many thanks.

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    Just seen an earlier post. I'll remove this when I work out how!!

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    The land you already have is your good reason to posses your 243 and ammo for fox and deer, there are no geographical restrictions to where your shooting land is located so keep it, there are many stalkers who travel hundreds of miles to scotland to stalk deer maybe two or three times a year.
    There is no grace period, if you inform the police that you no longer shoot this ground then you no longer have good reason to posses your 243 and it will be taken off your FAC unless you are a member of a rifle club.
    While maintaining the permissions you already have you can go door knocking to find new land, once you have found this you can knock the other permissions on the head but i would keep them regardless.


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    Great advice thank you.

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    Alternatively you could book some stalks and use these as your good reason for your .243?

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    nothing wrong with keeping the land you have as ian said,its nothing to do with the police when and where you shoot,as long as its all legal and above board,

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