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Thread: .308 Moderator opinions

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    .308 Moderator opinions

    Hi all, I've recently purchased a Steyr SBS Tactical as a stalking rifle and I am in the process of getting the barrel threaded for a moderator. The rifle was purchased quite cheaply and I am planning to put on a Schmidt and Bender 8x56 scope.

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    So far I have narrowed moderator choice down to the Wildcat Evolution and the Ase Ultra Jet-Z. Is there a major difference between being able to take the mod apart and clean the baffles vs a one piece mod?

    Anyone used either of these moderators and can shed some light on which to go for?

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    Got the wildcat evolution on my .308 Tikka T3 varmint love it to bits & can't fault it.
    Can't compare it to the others I've no experience of them.
    Have one of the first DM80's on my .243 Tikka T3 varmint and by comparison the DM80 is bigger and heavier.

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    I have the Wildcat Evolution and would say go with that as you have the option to change the bridge and baffles to fit another rifle if needed.

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    I have the jet z on my 308 target rifle.
    It's a great mod for target shooting but I would go with the wildcat evolution for stalking.

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    Hi mate, i have a atec on my .243 and just bought a northstar for my .308 and boy was i impressed, i dont think its as load as the .243, but thats only my two pennith worth.

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    Jet-Z on my Sako A7 .308... lovely mod imo
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    i dont want too highjack just to throw another in whats the ase sl7 like its supposed to be smaller and lighter than the other s series,

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    Got a wildcat on my .308 ,no probs at all but spanner in the works got an Atec Maxim on my .243 love that even more smaller lighter can add more baffles if needed atb
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    I use a Northstar on my .308.
    In my experience, a CF mod really doesn't need to be taken apart for cleaning - and from my perspective, the simpler things are, the better!

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    Andru - other way arouind, the S7/SL7 is the Magnum version of the s5/SL5. The SL5 looks like one of those hotel fridge soft drinks cans - small. But I rate them highly.

    Wildcat do very little for me and I would go for the ASE Jet Z from the two choices stated.

    As a side issue, ATEC evwentually gave up advising people not to take their Maxim Mod apart, then put stickers on it emphasing not to take it apart and now have changed the design to the 'Hertz' which is non strippable.
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