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Thread: .308 Moderator opinions

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    Thanks everyone for the interesting feedback. I am swaying towards the Wildcat Evo, however I only have about 170mm of barrel length from the end of the stock to the end of the barrel. The Wildcat extends over the barrel 160mm leaving a 10mm gap between it and the stock.

    Would this leave me enough room and sufficiently recoil etc or should I go for the Jet Z which extends away from the barrel?

    Thanks again for all the replies, valuable information.

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    Don't see a problem with 10mm

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moray Outfitting View Post
    Andru - other way arouind, the S7/SL7 is the Magnum version of the s5/SL5. The SL5 looks like one of those hotel fridge soft drinks cans - small. But I rate them highly.

    Wildcat do very little for me and I would go for the ASE Jet Z from the two choices stated.

    As a side issue, ATEC evwentually gave up advising people not to take their Maxim Mod apart, then put stickers on it emphasing not to take it apart and now have changed the design to the 'Hertz' which is non strippable.
    Thanks for that yes i have the sl5 small dumpy heavy but good,just enquiring as i have a 308 one to save for now!!

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    Got a wildcat evo on my pro hunter. Feels nice and balanced. I've got a 24" barrel mind. Happy to send pics if you like.

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    Don't worry about the length of barrel you have to play with. The 160mm is a typo- the Evo only goes back about 110mm.
    The guys at Wildcat have exceptional customer service. I'd recommend them very highly.

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    I've got a 4 baffle DPT on my .308, and it's superb
    Sako 75 6.5x55mm-Z6i 3-18x50. MauserM12 .308-SIII 6-24x50. Beretta 690 III Field 12b.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Co1 View Post
    Got a wildcat evo on my pro hunter. Feels nice and balanced. I've got a 24" barrel mind. Happy to send pics if you like.
    Could you PM pics if you don't mind please Co1.

    Thanks again for the feedback everyone.

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    Ase Ultra North Star on both my TRG 22 .308 & Sako 85 Varmint .243. Thoroughly impressed with both. Also had an A-Tech Maxim on the Tikka T3 .308 - just as impressed

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    I have the wildcat predator 12 on my 0.308, very happy with it and I have the diffuser and to use it on my 0.243 as well, about an extra £75 for effectively a second mod. luckily they both have 18x1 threads.

    I previously had a A-tec CCM4 on the 0.243 but much prefer the wildcat, as the baffles don't get gas cut so easily, wildcat have good customer service as well, but then again I do have to drive by there shop every day!!

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    Have a look the hausken. Sound reduction and weight is great. also takes away recoil and jump

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