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Thread: Chester Zoo Drama

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    Chester Zoo Drama

    My wife was in Chester Zoo today as it was our nephews birthday day out. Imagine the horror when in full view of dozens of families enjoying a nice day out a Mallard and her 4 young ones strolled into the Jaguar enclosure.

    The beauty of nature eh


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    i had a trip to Edinburgh zoo last weekend, a monkey had escaped from its enclosure and was sitting ontop of the lion enclosure fence, the monkey was scared away into the lions enclouser and disapeard up a tree! i didnt bother seeing the outcome as the Zoo was a complete let down so i went and had a look at a nice Ac cobra instead!

    nature, or is it the daft positions man puts nature in?


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    I like to think the monkey just threw coconuts down onto the lions heads.
    Talking of zoo's being a let down, the worst but at the same time most interesting one I ever visited was in St Petersburg. I told my wife it wouldn't be a good idea but we went anyway. Lets just say there were lots of tears.

    I can see the point of some of the breeding programmes they have but sometimes I think they have these programmes to try and justify their existence and nothing else.


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