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    Hi everyone, I'm gunner269, I live in Wakefield, West Yorkshire and am 50 years old. My user name comes from the fact that I was in the Royal Artillery when in the army.I have a varied interest in shooting, from black-powder pistols to stalking, with Rabbit and Fox shooting between. I am lucky in that, an old army colleague,works for The Forestry Commission and I get a lot of stalking for free, culls etc.

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    Welcome to the site Gunner269.

    Just goes to prove that the regimental motto of "Ubique" is quite apt - we really are everwhere!

    As you have probably seen there are lots of really experienced members of this forum & on the whole a friendly bunch. I look forward to reading your contributions.

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    heh you two,

    less of the buddy buddy stuff, infantry is the blood and sweat of the armed forces ha ha

    welcome in gunner 269.


    nemo me impune lacessit Was mine

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