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Thread: Super cheap 30-06 interlocks

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    Super cheap 30-06 interlocks

    I went to the yearly shooting cinema organised with my local hunting group, there is a gunshop based on the ground also.
    They were selling Hornady 30-06 custom interlocks at 18 Euros a 20 pack reason was because they had done a bulk purchase. I thought it was super cheap so I bought 5 packs.
    Seems to even beat the US prices on offer on the net.

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    I bought the 150grs Interlocks at 24€ in my local gun shop in Spain, the cheapest I found them. Very accurate in my CZ 30.06Spr and reliable with the hinds. I'm looking for something tougher for night wild boar hunting.

    Your price is a real bargain!

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