Whilst buyng some plants for the garden the lady householder was telling us about the wildlife they get in the garden and the abandoned animals they adopted like the two domestic rabbits that appeared on their front lawn. Probably dumped so the owners could go on holiday .

Anyway she proudly told us of the deer that come into the garden, although it really is a bit more than that being Four acres in size. From the description they sound like Muntjac but as she was obviously not up to identifying them except as Deer they could even be Roe.

This is only just over a mile as the crow flies from home so methinks I need to find out who has the farming behind her plot . I think it's some land that has just changed hands last year if so we might have a spot of bother as if this is the case it's a big growing concern, almost a front for one of the big supermarkets as I heard it , but we shall see.

Fingers crossed .