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Thread: Brno zkk 601 pop-up sight.

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    Brno zkk 601 pop-up sight.

    Hello everybody,
    I find a pop-up sight for my Zkk 601 who haven't this.
    But my problem is how to install on the rifle?
    I haven't find a schema or pictures with the differents parts.
    Have you this in your computer or possibility to do?


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    Hi Damien,
    Some of the Zkk models had a built-in peep sight, in the rear dovetail. There was a button on one side; press that and it pops up.

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    Hi Marcher,
    I know for the button.
    My pop-up sight is in different parts and I search how to instal him on the ZKK.
    If a people can take pictures of the installation or have a schema, it will be great.


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    Later ZKK's did not have the machining for the pop up even though it seems Brno listed it as an option until 2011 according to my web search. It was a $350 extra then. I bought a new 601 and it did not have the machining for the peep site and that was in the 1990's the rifle was made in the 1980's and had just been in back old stock. If yours does not have the action machined for it then you will have to find someone who is capable and willing to do so. Now as to where you would get the drawings for the machining? ................................. sorry have no idea.

    I feel you are going to need some luck with this one...................... I wish you all the luck on this project.
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    It sounds like he has the hole in the receiver, missing the peep sight, which is very common, and has now come up with parts. I have seen such a description of how the parts fit together, and it is complicated and fiddly, that is all I remember. I am sorry that is not helpful.

    W@rthog, go to the Nitro Express Forum website, I believe over there they can help you.

    I would like to have the peep sight but I have a ZKK601 without the machining, from 1989.

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    Three parts only. Plus the button. Spring (ressort) under sight. Pin through receiver holds sight in place. Windage adjusted on the sight. Elevation by screw at very front of sight. The button merely keeps sight in the down position and is held in that position by an internal spring.

    Put button and its spring in place. Push in to allow, next, sight and the spring that goes under it. Insert from rear. Then secure with the cross pin.
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    Hello enfieldspares,
    Thanks for your help, I will do this saturday.


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    Hello everybody,
    Thanks for your help, pop-up sight is installing.


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    Would love to see photos once it is done ...................................... Please.

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