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Thread: Tikka.270 3-12 zeiss duralyt & t8 mod

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    Tikka.270 3-12 zeiss duralyt & t8 mod

    Just come back from zeroing my mates new combo deal he got through Swillington Shooting Supplies at a better price than the big store keeps offering in shooting times and sporting gun, he has got the t3 lite synthetic with a zeiss duralyt 3-12 number 6 reticule scope, very impressive bit of kit with lovely fine cross hairs, he is shooting federal classic 130g and grouping to 3/4 of an inch, not bad for factory ammo, he also was given the optilock mounts which are far better than the warne ones offered by the big store.

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    I as well as several people I have suggested speak to Swillington Shooting Supplies have received fantastic offers and a great service from the guys up there... As i have said before I have no connections with them just like good deals and high quality service don't we all???



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