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Thread: Moral quandry...what should I do?

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    Moral quandry...what should I do?

    My local clay club has a notice "300 Bird High Pheasant Day - £ 495" and a contact number, which I've called.

    Turns out the advertiser, we'll call Y has been given this day, free, by X who got it from my friend, the actual gun, free, who can't make it any longer as his daughter is getting married that Saturday).

    I know this as I know the shoot, the landowner and in fact the gun as I'm going to the wedding so not hard to work out who it was..and he told me he'd given it, free, to X.

    Now X has given it, free to Y, and Y is selling it! Again I know X and the original gun so that's how I know.

    So what would you do? Keep quiet? Tell X or the original gun that what they've freely given Y is selling? Y, I've called him, makes no mention of X but says he's not taking 'his' day so he's selling it.

    He's says just turn up and give, his, Y's name. Well I think, all this X and Y it's how I've understood it.

    Do people think it's right, this behaviour, selling it on? Or not right?
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    from my point of view no, you never know he may be donating the money to charity

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    On a totally unrelated matter I was reminded of the truism - no one actual wishesto hear bad news and upon receipt the messanger is often target of opportunity number one!

    Morals can only ever be a personal thing and in this day and age of zero personal responsibility, its murky ground. Personally, its the wrong thing to do - as you've put it above. If in the background the first guy ok'd it or funds going to charity etc - well maybe ok.

    Your role - your choice, but likely best left to it.
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    Seem to remember a thread recently where another "X" had some stalking for free for 20 years. Wanted to sel said stalking to "Y" for a shed load of money. Caused a right s**t storm and thread closed. People will always take a quick dollar where they can. But if found out I doubt he'll be "given" too much more free shooting. Well he wouldn't if taking the proverbial out of my generosity.

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    Sounds like: Greedyme quickbuck, Greedyme quickbuck!
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    personally i would just avoid it, if its leaving a bad taste in your mouth now its only going to get worse and if you bought the day it would never sit right with you even if it turn out to be a fantastic day

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    Who is selling. You have y selling then z selling it.
    it I was to give you a present and you decided to give it to some one else because you didn't want it then surely it is your affair. I might be annoyed by it but not given it with any stipulation. I'm giving you this present but you must keep it forever and ever etc etc. It might be annoying but X might be cheesed off because his present to y has been passed on to z, never mind that z wants to sell it.
    A few years ago I gave my sister some money because she doesn't have a lot. She decided to give it to a donkey sanctuary stating that what you give you will receive back twofold. Intelligence may not be my families greatest trait. However, the point is I gave her the money, she chose what to do with it so I had to keep my mouth shut and get on with it. It is her business after all not mine so I think the same can be said of the above.

    i am now less likely to give my sister any money now though.
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    Depends on the circumstances. If somebody gave me a gift I hated I wouldn't feel bad about sselling it on. But I wouldn't expect somebody to sell something they presumably specifically asked for/agreed to having never "used" it.
    I imagine you'd only let somebody take your place on a shoot because you thought they'd enjoy and appreciate it, same as if you gave them tickets to see a gig/sport/play you both liked. "I can't go but at least so-and-so will enjoy it without me". It's not like giving somebody your old fridge when you move house.
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    If I knew and I had paid for the day, I would reclaim it and give it to someone who would not pass it on for another to sell.
    Still, its up to the gun who gave it away to ask the person who he donated it to whether he enjoyed it so I would tell y and mention that x is selling it and that you will remind the original donor to ask how it went.
    I hope here the x's and y's are in the right order.

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    To put a different spin on it...
    I've had a couple of very generous invitations to stalk, for free, with members of the site, who were previously strangers. What would be the response if it turned out I'd then advertised and sold the stalking they'd offered me and said "just tell him your name's Simon when you get there"?
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