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Thread: Lucky Morning

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    Lucky Morning

    Saturday in the office focusses the mind somewhat so I decided to get out on Sunday morning. Shunning more local stalking for a 40min drive out to a Christmas tree plantation I have the privilege of shooting on.

    I woke up at 0450 and after faffing about due to lack of prep the night before I left the house at 5010. Kicking myself when I found it light enough to shoot halfway through my journey .

    Arriving at my destination with the world already awake does nothing for the confidence let alone hearing a rifle report from the neighbouring wood within the first 5 mins of the stalk. Foolishly I had written the morning off as little more than a glorious walk.

    About an hour in I spotted a couple of Roe moving about 450m away and decided to stalk in. Moving along the wood line trying my best to make up the ground without causing a ruckus was not going well, evidently as I bumped two munties. I moved very carefully forward to a gap in the hedge in the wood line where low and behold a buck was looking back quartering away from me. The primos tripod sticks are excellent (with practice) and in a split second I had a stable rest up as was able to drop him on the spot with the bullet going through the back of the ribcage moving up through the vitals and exiting high towards the shoulder.
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    After calling my wife to let her know I was on the way home I went to the chiller to hang the Muntie. A decent animal in good condition. Driving back from the chiller to my house, all of 3 miles, I saw a couple of Roe moving in a field belonging to an Estate I control deer for. I pulled up and took my binos off the passenger seat and saw a doe and decent looking buck moving at a good pace away from the road. Knowing that the only place to get a safe shot was two fields away I drove further on and set off to intercept them on a hedge line. The wind was in my favour and after a brisk walk/crawl I got into a seated position on the trigger stick glassing through the hedge. So exciting watching them come closer and closer not knowing whether they'd break the hedge line or not. The doe came through first which got the nerves going but she didn't see me. Fortunately for me the buck followed pretty quickly, stopped and turned to look at my funny shape allowing me to drop him at ~60yrds.
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    What a morning!!

    Back to the chiller then off home for breakfast and spent the rest of the day smiling whilst stuffing a mixer and laying limestone patio. Happy wife happy life and all that.



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    Nice write up mate and just goes to show you don't always need to be up at silly o'clock to get results, especially with Muntjac!!

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    Well done m8 a grand day out and a few brownie points from her indoors win win
    she buys shoes i buy ,shooting,she stops buying shoes,il be amazed

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