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Thread: R8 bipod

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    R8 bipod

    Hi all. What is your opinion on the Carbon blaser bipod. I'm thinking about putting one on my professional success? I have several standard Deben, Harris types but I like the idea of a light and pocketable bipod.
    Opinions please from those who have them and also from anyone else who cares to comment. Thanks in advance

    regards Steve

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    Well built and very good idea have one on a pro, its if you can justify the price Regards Steve

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    I know there quite trumpy in price but don't mind spending that for something that will work well. I thinks it's even possible to get other fitting to attach it to my scultz and Larson
    thanks for the reply

    regards Steve

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    Haven't had the chance to use one but previous comments on this forum referenced that it was not as stable as a Harris. With all things, it would be nice to try before you buy.

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    Have one on my pro success Blaser, they are first class, carry in your pocket until you need it.
    Blaser spec bipod comes with custom forend so insert is not visible really smart,
    but check I am sure the insert diameter on the Blaser version is a different size/diameter than the original Javelin
    so the insert for you other rifle might not be compatible
    Javelin are really helpful so call them direct or talk to Chris at Swillingtons
    i have no problem shooting dongs out to 500yrds with the bipod fitted
    good luck Tikka595

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    Thanks chaps picked up mine for the r8 today and also got a fitting for the scultz. All good

    regards Steve

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