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    Thinking of getting a little generator. Sort of thing that might run a few things in a caravan, charge a leisure battery. I don't want something that would run the National Grid. I guess about 2KW would seem to be about right, maybe a little less. Not really got much of an idea what they are like. Honda ones are pretty solid by all accounts but so are the prices. There seems to be a pile of other makes, most I don't recognize. Are they any good? Maybe one of those suitcase generators would do me.

    Any recommendations? Thanks.

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    hi i would stick with the honda, it will last you a lifetime.
    there are plenty of cheap chinese ones but i would be very wary of them.

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    I would agree with the Scudd, stick to Honda and take the plunge, for sure it will last a lifetime....I have a 3Kva and never used it for 2 years, started last week first time.. And been running it all week without problems....

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    I bought a Honda 6.5kva about 15years ago and it starts first time still and runs everything I need it to. So I recommend and its been used and abused, but nothing phases it. I would say go Honda.

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    As long as the engine of the generator is a Honda, you'll be fine
    A 2000W Honda suitcase style generator will cost almost £1100 Honda EU20i Generator,2000 watts Portable Suitcase Generator
    You can have a 2800 watt industrial generator using a genuine Honda engine for £380 PRAMAC E3200 (E3250) - 2800w Generator



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    Depends on your outlook and interest.

    Honda will be bomb proof and serve well. Avoid as if plagued any of the Chineses dross - Kipor etc. Nothing but frustration down that road.

    If even slightly tech minded/ geeky, then Lister LD1 type units come up every so often. One went locally for £300 in a 2.5Kva unit. It wont look pretty ( eye of beholder? ), but it will chug out power in return for an oil change and a fresh breeze and will do so long after the lands of the rising sun vanish in an earth quake. Any niggles you can very likely user sevice with an AF spanner and £15 kit from a stationary engine store.

    Relying upon diesel generators at the house here I was incredibly lucky and started where I should have finished - with an LD2 that gave service above and beyond. The dark side turnmed me and I went along with Kipor, then much better Kubota, SDMO etc and in the end the complexity kept coming back to bite.

    Without going all political, I can't help but feel just a bit better in myself knowing a British built unit has pounded Johnny Foreigner to dust...
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    Under NO circumstances whatsoever, be tempted to buy one of those little 2-Stroke 750-850Watt Chinese jobs marketed under a variety of different names. They do have their uses, but the electricity generated is not pure and will blow anything electronic you power off them.
    SDMO and Stephill make good ones
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    I've had a Honda EU20i for a while, and it's excellent, my only gripe being the tank is on the small side.

    The last few years I've been taking it on the annual camping trip to the Le Mans 24hr, but was always a little concerned leaving it out, and running, whilst we went to the track. So last year I had a look around for a cheaper alternative, that whilst I wouldn't be happy if got got stolen, wouldn't be as bad as losing the Honda.

    I came across this The price is + VAT. I bought two, and they took about £50.00 off each.

    Rally Designs are a well established, reputable company, yes, it's probably made in China (not checked) but I can only say I've found it to be very, very good. Easy start, quiet, all the features of the Honda, AND it has a 5lt tank, which ran a small fridge, and freezer for 13hrs, with enough fuel to run another 5hrs !!!

    So about 1/3rd the cost of the Honda, a tiny bit bigger, but very good, and if it does fail at some point, cheap enough to get another.

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    Had a 4 kva honda for a few years, bomb proof but thirsty and heavy to move.
    Few years ago swapped to the little 1kva suitcase style Honda, very happy with it, just note
    that the 12volt output is just that, it does not, and will not charge a 12 volt battery, you will need a charger
    plugged into the 220 volt side.


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    Thanks for the advice everyone. Looked for a Honda locally but the nearest place that does them is 45 miles away. In the end, went to the local quad garage and pulled the trigger on a Briggs & Stratton P2000. Compact, quiet (ish), not Chinese and looks well made and seems to run pretty good. It was also a good bit cheaper than an equivalent Honda.

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