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Thread: .22lr target/match ammo

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    .22lr target/match ammo

    I've been doing some practice with my .22 using Winchester subs as that's what I'm using for shooting rabbits etc but I'm now looking to stretch the legs a bit more on some steel plates out past 175m. Can anyone recommend a good subsonic target round that will help reduce the inaccuracies from the ammo so I can focus on my ability rather than wondering if the ammo is letting me down.

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    Try some Eley Tenex - Expensive but very consistent. Used to be the choice of most top target shooters. Dunno these days.
    A cheaper alternative I use is RWS Target - Again nice & consistent. - Works for me although I'm not shooting at such long ranges as you want to go to.


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    Eley Tenex, RWS R50/R100 or Lapua Midas / Centre X....

    I regularly batch test Eley in the factory customer test range at 50m in my target rifles, actually its not as consistent as you think often twenty batches are available on the day to test and only one or two are very consistent for 50m / 100 yard prone match shooting, some guys in the midlands have started a 0.22" long range prone league shooting to 300 yards at Bisley, that requires some serious elevation on the rear sight razing blocks.

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    I just found this ( Some useful data there.
    Plenty of suggestions from various manufacturers to act as a guide. Maybe see what your rifle likes best by testing a few of the best indicated on the 100yard list.
    It would be interesting to hear what the guys shooting 300 yardsat Bisley think is best.


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    Thanks for the quick responses. It's given me a few to try and source. Looks like a round trip visiting a few shops is in order!

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    Sk target works well lapua owned, made in,Germany.
    "a man does good business when he rids himself of a turd"

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    ill try and dig out the results from the last emails I have but I suspect eley tenex and Lapua would be good bets as consistent front runners, I've tested at eley customer range a good few times over the last ten years and I've found tenex on the customer range to vary widely producing various 40 shot 50m group sizes from between 25-12mm all in, bear in mind it needs to group to a maximum size of 21.6mm to score a maximum score at 50m with the gun perfectly zeroed,

    if you really want to get the best result your looking at a trip to eley in Birmingham (Minworth) and a purchase of a minimum 5000 round batch at circa 1100 plus test fees, now that hurts..

    please bear in mind most high quality match ammo needs a tighter chamber than that usually found in semi-autos to work at its best and wont usually cycle the gun consistently. SK is made in the former east Germany and is part of the lapus group.

    also lapua and rws hold a few test days each year on the 50m range in the lord Roberts centre at bisley, dates can be found via the NSRA shop.

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    Thanks everyone. I will send what Eley and Lapua I can source locally.

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    Well went to my local and he had some rws club and the SK. The SK only came in a tin of 500 but he kindly opened a tin gave me 50 and said to try them out and if they were good I could come back and have the rest of the tin. Once again outstanding service from Jeremy at Sussex Guns.

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    I got a tin of SK from him. They are pretty good but quite "oily" IIRC they were about 6p a shot. Does that sound right?

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