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Thread: Rounds won't chamber

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    Rounds won't chamber


    I hope you can help, i checked to see if my resized (full length) .243 brass would fit my rifle and it won't chamber. It seems to stop about 1/3 - 1/2 an inch short. I made sure that the die is properly set up and the whole cartridge enters the die but it still jams in the chamber.

    I did the marker pen test and it seems like the shoulder of the brass is making contact.

    Could my second hand die be worn out to the point that it is not resizing correctly even when the cartridge fully enters it?

    Any other suggestions as to whats going on would be greatly appreciated.


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    Is your brass new, once fired in your rifle, or once fired in another rifle?


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    once fired from my rifle.


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    Is it possible that your sizing die is for something exotic in 243 like a 243 AI (Ackley Improved)?

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    don't think so, die only says 243 on it

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    Is the expander in the die the wrong size, causing the neck to be too big?

    How do you know that the die is adjusted correctly?

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    Im not sure about the expander but il try resizing a cartridge without and see if it chambers.

    Well as far as I'm aware its adjusted correctly. The die is screwed in until its touching the case holder at its highest point and then screwed in another 1/2 turn. I also tried a full turn more with no difference. Does this sound like the correct way?


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    What brass are you using, I had the same problem with privy partisan, once fired from the same rifle.
    Any other make no problem, just privis, so I binned them and never used them since.

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    The correct way to set up F/L sizing die is to screw it down until it touches the top of the shell holder AND NO MORE !!
    All this extra 1/8, 1/4 or 1/2 a turn extra achieves absolutely nothing apart from stressing your press.
    However, i dont think this has any relevance to your problem
    One more thing do you mean that the bolts forward travel is stopped short or the bolt handle handle only closes part of the way


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    Im using federal brass but i do have some sako and privi that i could try.


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