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Thread: R8 barrels and scope

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    R8 barrels and scope

    Hi all. I have just recently got an r8 in .30-06 and .223 with a different bolt head. Scope I have is a z6i 2x12x50 with BT.
    Do you think it's possible to zero the .30-06 to 100 yds and 200yds and use the spare ring to zero the same scope onto the .223 barrel at 100yds.
    .223 will be for foxing and the .30-06 for deer uk and driven boar in Europe. I'm trying to avoid buying another scope and blaser mounts

    Any ideas would be much appreciated

    regards Steve

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    It will work only if the windage happens to coincide on both barrels.

    Blind luck is required.

    With a Z6 it should be perfectly possible to record the correction between the two barrels and adjust back and forward between the two.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Great thanks for that

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    The saddle mount is unlikely to fit both barrels without adjustment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by straightpull6547 View Post
    The saddle mount is unlikely to fit both barrels without adjustment.
    Be interesting to know if that is also precise enough to be repeatable. I had to tighten the mount bolt heads by 1/8 turn when I transferred the scope from the R93 barrel to the R8 one. It would be fairly easy to put it back again.


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    I have a Blaser and use one scope between 3 barrels, soon to be 4. My saddle mount fits all 3 of my barrels without adjustment. I did adjust it in order for it to fit all 3 however. My scope is a Z6, and click according to caliber. Its very easy and is definitely repeatable. I always check before I shoot anything but its never necessary. You'll have no problem with one scope and mounts.

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    That's great thanks for you input. Much appreciated

    regards Steve

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