My good lady produced this last week, easy to do and soooo tasty.

Put a mugful of basmati on to boil, we like the nutty flavour of the brown but each to their own
Sweat off a large onion in butter.
Add about a pound of venison dice and brown lightly
Sprinkle over a pack of Swartz biryani mix and cook gently for 3 minutes, stirring now and again
Add a tin of chopped tomatoes and peas and sweetcorn
Bring to a simmer.
Once venison is cooked to your liking add the rice, again cooked as you like it
Add water to moisten if needed

This is good straight away, even better on day 2

We have tried to make our own biryani mix but have so far not managed to get it quite right, hence relying on swartz.

Was not too popular when I named the dish 'bambi biryani' so use this title with caution!