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Thread: Best places to visit in London - for a hunter

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    Best places to visit in London - for a hunter

    I have been to London many times ( I am not British), and visited such places as Natural History Museum, Purdey, H&H and some other best gun manufacturers.

    I will visit London also in the future and would like to hear if there still was some interesting places to visit -for a hunter? Is there any interesting museums or maybe gun stores that might be worth visiting? Any recommendations?

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    The new Berreta Gallery shop in St Jamesís is well worth a visit.


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    Thanks Chris, already been there. Same with William Evans, Boss and William & Son. Is there any "normal" gun stores in London?

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    A mooch around Farlows is always a pleasant way to spend some time/money:

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    I always enjoyed popping along to the royal parks to observe the deer. You can get really close.

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    oops...almost forgot.......the auction houses - especially Holts

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    J R Roberts & Sons are also well worth a visit - both very good stuff, but also more down to earth

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    Metropolis Gentleman's Club
    Bethnal Green

    remember to leave the "HAIR TRIGGER" at home!!!

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    Hi Percy,
    Have you been to see the Wallace Collection Museum?

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