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Thread: Large blue plastic drums

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    Large blue plastic drums

    Does anyone know where i can source a few of these near Glasgow, South Lanarkshire, Ayrshire or Dumfries & Galloway?

    Perhaps you know of a supplier elsewhere who will deliver at a reasonable cost?


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    A2B containers in manchester/salford quays area. I have some at 12 each (thats what they cost me) plus delivery which I think I can get for about 35 to Glasgow but would have to check.
    Are you after clip top or the usual screw top ones?

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    Used to get them from the paper mill in Denny. but not sure if its still trading.

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    Search for moon fruit barrells on line. Cheap at about three quid each plus delivery

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    Is it the 200l barrels you are on about? I am in Kilmarnock and can sometimes get a few FOC. PM me if you are interested.

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    I have about 30 large prop corn blue and green plastic barrels, I'm looking for 8 pounds each, however I am in Caithness.

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    Fish farms obtain their disinfecting chemical in them - maybe you already know - but if you can contact one you might get some dirt cheap.

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    Thanks all...i think stringer can sort out a few for me.

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