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Thread: Contessa mounts for Blaser r8

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    Contessa mounts for Blaser r8

    Has anyone any experience of the contessa mounts sold by Alan rhone? I have several barrels for the r8 and want to fit N/V scope to the .223 and don't really fancy shelling out another 400 for the blazer saddle mount system

    Regards Steve

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    From my research on this subject I have come to the conclusion the picatinny rails come loose and don't keep zero. As an alternative to both contessa and factory Blaser i have been recommended gunstar. These are manufactured in Europe but retailed through a chap called bojan in the states. I have yet to purchase any myself but they are on the shopping list.
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    I've got Bojan's mounts. They are extremely good quality and I've had a few years of great service from them. You will find the over centre cam hooks on them are less sensitive than the blaser (recknagel) mounts. What this means is they will handle any slight difference between your barrels without requiring adjustment. This is important if you want a nice tight fit if you move your mounts from your 223 to your 308 with needing the special blaser screwdriver.
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